Heading 3

Heading 3

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The Smudge Fundaes
Award-winning music for children and families!

A Trunk O' Tunes

Head to Toe, Safe to Go

2 Scoops of Fun

2008 Our Choice Special Merit Award (Canada)

A 15-song collection of delectable, high-energy songs about a bunch of pretty cool stuff. This group would be a blast to see live! 
John Wood, Kidzmusic.com.
2004 Our Choice Special Merit Award (Canada)
2003 Parents’ Choice Award (USA)
2003 iParenting Media HOT Award (USA)

The songs are well-known so children can sing along. It has fun songs. The kids loved to dance and act out the songs   iParenting Media

This is a great way to get children moving and active, which I think is an issue with children. My 8-month-old just clapped because basically that was all he was capable of doing, but he loved watching the other children dance and move with it.     iParenting Media
2004 Parents’ Choice Award (USA)
2004 iParenting Media HOT Award (USA)

The music is upbeat. The songs are about safety and positive play. 
  iParenting Media

Sing For Your Supper

Tinsel Tunes

 2001 Our Choice Special Merit Award    (Canada)    
Christmas tunes in Smudge style!